• Search Engine Optimisation for Opencart, Magento and WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics Analysis & Reporting
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing

A stable platform, an effective user experience and an appealing design are all vital elements of your ecommerce strategy. Once this is in place the business turns its attention to traffic. Or in many cases - the distinct lack of it!

As the business owner or decision maker you understand better better than most that the success of the online sales platform rests with its marketing activities. As part of the marketing mix you will want to consider the options available to you online and how best to maximise these opportunities and their associated costs.

Search Engine Optimisation, specifically for the 3 core platforms supported by Webshop Consulting is an area in which the team can greatly assist either the establish online presence or the burgeoning business entering the market. The team can show you how to build and manage both pay-per-click and organic search traffic with a full range of services relating to optimising your OpenCart, Magento or WooCommerce shop. A full service is offered in this respect if you and your team are under pressure and need to outsource this entire element of technical marketing activites.

In-house, qualified Google Analytics experts can work with you to analyse your existing traffic so as to maximise your successes and reduce failure ensuring the best return on your investment for both PPC and SEO for the Platform. Additional Social Media advisory services can be leveraged alongside the Google Analytics activity to ensure that you maximise your activity across contemporary platforms driving relevant, specific views from potential buyers to your products and services. To speak with our qualified Google Analytics marketing team make contact here.