• Upgrading to the latest version of PHP can reduce site load times by as much as 40%
  • Archive plugins can continue to use system resources until they are properly removed
  • Ensure sure your site is running up to date security patches to protect your customers and your business

Having invested heavily in your Magento platform you will want to realise the stability and rich functionality that the technology offers. You need a team of developers working with you to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and this is likely to require ongoing upgrades of elements of the core Magento versions or implementation of the security patches relevant to your build. Our team of Software Engineers have a level of specialist technical expertise within the Magento development field which is leveraged by a number of organisations who are operating their platform in production.

Having delivered numerous Magento solutions across multiple industry sectors our overall technical and industry relevant expertise can be leveraged to the benefit of your business through technical consultancy underling the most important functions of your online sales platform. You are able to leverage these skills to improve areas of the Magento build, repair issues or upgrade as required.

There are many simple actions which can be undertaken to make an Magento site perform much more efficiently for both the administrators and - more importantly - for your customers. Our team can run various tests to assess what course of action is required, whether it be an upgrade to the latest version of PHP or streamlining of the code base. Our Project Management team will work with you and make recommendations for improvement based on an extensive background of successful system improvements utilising the core functions of Magento itself.

For those businesses who are looking to either migrate to Magento from an existing ecommerce system or indeed those who are looking to implement ecommerce to begin selling online our multi-functional team can deliver a solution from design and development, through to implementation and ongoing support using the latest Magento v2.x technologies.

Capabilities within the team will ensure that the right Magento solution is designed, built and tailored to your unique business needs making use of the appropriate plugins, APIs and themes and integrating the solution with your back-office operations, business processes and chosen payment gateways.

For more information on the core Magento development services offered by Webshop Consulting, contact the Project Management team here.